The Page has to be used with the protocol: HTTPS.

The list of requirements to the client-side browser Certificate (‘Certificate’)

  • The Certificate should use encryption: GOST
  • The Accepted list of Owners of the Certificate
    • Main Directorate of the Law Enforcement Agency of the Russian Federation
    • Court of the Russian Federation
    • Federal Executive Body of the Russian Federation
  • The Issuer of the Certificate MUST be: Головной удостоверяющий центр, 007710474375, 1047702026701, Минкомсвязь России, "125375 г. Москва, ул. Тверская, д. 7", Москва, 77 г. Москва, RU, dit@minsvyaz.ru
  • Access to the system should be established in advance

Additional information on the use of the Searchable WHOIS:

The following WHOIS fields partial search is allowed:

  • Domain name
  • Contact
  • Name of the Registrant
  • Address (including street, city, country region e.t.c).

The search of the following WHOIS fields is allowed:

  • Registrar ID
  • Name Server
  • Name Server IP address (if exists)

Following Boolean operators are allowed AND, OR, NOT.

Please be advised: use of the web page for access to the Personal Information by the party, not listed in 2. might cause liability according to the laws of the Russian Federation.